For any Business, tracking and interpreting the right data contributes significantly to its success. Market, Customer and Internal data is more widely available than ever. It has become important to leverage this to create new Business Insights. We at Ascendia understand that helping customers make smarter data-driven decisions requires a new thinking and approach.

  • We have taken an enterprise-wide approach to solve critical problems our customers were facing. We have created a multi-pronged approach to enable our customers. This includes:

  • Advisory
  • Proof of Concepts, leveraging existing capabilities
  • Analysis of Past Data
  • Real time response
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

We have invested heavily in Reporting Infrastructure, Query Tools, Dashboards and advanced visualization to help our customers stay ahead of the curve and move them closer to their customers.


With Cloud services today Organizations can be more agile and responsive

With advent of Cloud services today Organizations can be more agile and responsive to the ever-changing demands of the Market Place. Cloud has redefined the technical landscape and the way IT services are being consumed. Today most of the enterprises are planning to move to the cloud and Ascendia as an experienced partner in cloud consulting helps our partners achieve their Business Objectives by identifying and implementing the best cloud solution.

Our Cloud advisory team engages with our customers to analyze their Business Objective, Mission and Vision and then come up with the most structured approach for the best cloud solution.

  • Our offerings on Cloud include

  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • SaaS Enablement Services
  • PaaS and Custom Cloud Services
  • Cloud Maintenance and Operation Services



HDI had come out with a paper titled “Every Business is a Mobile Business” in 2014. We at Ascendia believe in this completely and have created offerings to help our partners get mobile ready.

Coupled with Cloud services Mobile technologies have become essential to the success of any business old or new.

Our Mobility team helps our customers rapidly create, and deliver solutions to improve their internal ecosystem as well as deliver optimum value to their customers.

We have created a unique approach to combine both cloud and mobile technologies to help our customers leverage the best of the both technology. We strongly believe and showcased successfully that Mobility is essential for all the businesses and add enormous value and improvement in Business Processes of any organization. We have also helped many of our Startup customers to get on their feet faster and hit the ground running.



At Ascendia the prime focus of Enterprise Quality Management Services

At Ascendia the prime focus of Enterprise Quality Management Services team is to ensure that the quality information is reached to the right people at the right time to enhance better performance, improve productivity and gain a total quality edge over its competitors. We have been providing consistent and continuous quality management services to our customers, which is the hallmark of a quality oriented organization like Ascendia. This has only been, possible by a consistent and constant emphasis on 'Quality Management', which is the top priority of any top notch organization across the globe to streamline its day to day activities and win the trust of its customers.

Continual process verification and never ending improvement is the key in managing quality at an enterprise level. Keeping this in action, Ascendia's Quality Management Service Offerings are so designed that they can easily sustain any level of compliance and quality requirements at an enterprise level on a global scale.

Service Offerings:

  • Total Quality Awareness
  • Preparing for Quality Audits
  • Defining Quality Frameworks
  • Defining Quality Policies
  • Continuous Tracking
  • Timely Monitoring
  • Periodical Reviews
  • Defining Standard Operating Procedures
  • Conducting Management Review Meetings
  • Quality Training
  • Quality Consulting Services
  • Total End to End Quality Functional Support



Ascendia with its unique capabilities & domain expertise has successfully created a niche with respect to CRM Application in a market which is cluttered with thousands of such applications available across different platforms.

In today's business scenario, in order to extract relevant information for taking critical decision mere rummaging through an application is not at all sufficient for any sales personnel. Social networking and marketing has changed the complete Customer Relationship Management eco system. Clients now seek solution which allows them to seamlessly integrate social marketing tools with their prevailing CRM System. The problem with most CRM applications is not lack of features but features and functionalities which make the solution complex & prevents them from being usable.

We at Ascendia understand how important simplicity of an application is, be it navigating within the application or making the interface easiest to use. We try to keep our designs simple, flexible and scalable so that the system is suitable for both SMB to large organizations. Apart from developing an application which is easier to use, we also try lay due importance on security & sanctity of data.


With evolving business scenarios and rapid advances in technology

With evolving business scenarios and rapid advances in technology the thrust for a safe, secure and on-time Information has increased by several folds. It also enhances the challenges related to Data Management and Data warehousing. As information (Data) flows across various departments and organizations in different forms & format it becomes vital for organizations to extract the relevant data in all its forms and store it in one warehouse by converting it into a single acceptable and uniform format. ETL (Extraction, Transfer, Load) process and tools thus become essential for an organization.

Ascendia's core philosophy has always been acquiring and spreading knowledge. We understand the importance of the data. This inspired us to equip ourselves with abilities to manage end to end ETL processes. We have a team of highly knowledgeable professional who have the capability and experience of creating a robust ETL process with the help of State of art technology. We leverage on various Microsoft technologies to ensure a robust ETL system which easily consolidates data from multiple formats and from multiple locations on a day to day basis to one physical space.

Comprehensive data security policies and practices have been established to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Our ETL tools are also integrated with the necessary security measures, authentication and authorization mechanisms to ensure high level of performance.