Work Place

A great place to work is one that inspires the passion of workers and unleashes their talent. We try to cultivate within our people a feeling which is deeper & meaningful than just a good salary & generous benefits. A place where individuals can grow, nurture themselves & apply their skills & knowledge in ways which fosters excellence service on a continuous basis- every day & in every way.

Enriching Environment

We believe in providing our people with the best opportunities for achievement and learning. An environment where people value learning and development above any other aspect of work. Exposure to enhance & improvise prevailing skills so that individuals are not compelled to leave us in order to progress their careers.

Rewards & Recognition

At Ascendia appreciation involves more than paying checks & showering monetary benefits. We make sure that all our people feel valued & cherished- an acknowledgement and very sincere thank you's, a pat on the back, recognition in front of their peers not only boosts up the morale but also make an individual feel precious & loved.

Long Term Objectives

Our purpose and mission strongly resonates with people beliefs and values. We try to melds our business mission fuse it ideally with an agenda that connects deeply with the principals and ideology of people. We Try to instigate connection - a common thread which binds everyone at Ascendia


A workplace environment that allows people to meld their personal and professional pursuits and priorities in ways that make them mutually reinforcing. We encourage programs which helps individuals to achieve sustainable work-life balance and quality.


Right from its inception Ascendia has tried to become a participative workplace. "Empowerment"in the true sense is what we gamble on. Sharing vital performance information with all people & backing them up with real decision authority in their jobs helps us to reap benefits through higher level of commitment & performance. We do not believe in hatching plans which has far-reaching impacts on everyone behind closed doors & without consulting with the rest of the organization.

People Program

People Program

Ascendia does not have employees, it believes in partnering with people. We comprise of highly focused people, who believe in each other. People make a difference here as they believe that they can make a difference.

At Ascendia people take pride in who they are and what they do. We strive to create an eco-system where organizational goal merges seamlessly with the personal objective of people it partners with.

The people program at Ascendia is under constant evolution and always based on 360 degree feedback. The program is defined and managed by everyone in the organization. We ensure that there is perfect balance in the personal and professional life of people. An open culture which fosters continuous participation & steady growth both personally and professionally.

We have defined a culture, where people take ownership in everything which they do, and define their own career path with the help of their mentors and superiors. Junior team members are treated with affection and care by their peers, which puts them on the right path of progression.