Who we are?

We are extremely passionate about Technology and Business. We at Ascendia believe that if there is a problem there must be a solution and work relentlessly to achieve that. In our 4 years of journey we have traversed various technology and business challenges and come on top each time.

With our unique advisory model, we have successfully enabled each member of the organization to understand what our customers need and how to create a better experience and value to their customers. We constantly strive to increase the customer’s productivity in a tangible manner.

We have built strong capabilities in Data, Analytics, Cloud and Mobility and successfully delivered technology services to our customers from ideation to execution. We are extremely focused on enabling enterprises with strategic insights and help them serve their stakeholders better with our Data Cloud, Mobility and Machine Learning capabilities.

At the same time we are investing heavily in creating capabilities in Next Generation Technologies and focused on helping organizations with technologies of tomorrow.

Why us?

We take pride in staying true to the teachings of one of the greatest Indian of recent times, Mahatma Gandhi. We fully subscribe to his thought “A customer is the most important visitor on our premise”.

A strong, capable and motivated team aligned to the same philosophy is who we are. We not only subscribe to Gandhi’s above thought but also demonstrate that in all our actions. It is our ethos and our religion. We strive to serve our customers to the best of our capabilities – as we have successfully demonstrated in all our projects.

We help our customers focus on their core business and ensure that we take responsibility of all their Technology needs and have them not worry about “IT”.

We strongly believe that following words best describe us:


Though the word fails to exist, but this defines ASCENDIA in the best possible way. Literally, meaning "An Improviser". We have built a culture to work on the ideas and constantly focus on executing them and improving upon them till we create the best value to the intended audience.


We take the ideas of customers and curate the best technical solutions to bring it to execution.


Ascendia's sole & foremost goal is to be an integral part of the growth plan of the associate companies with a reliable & centered approach.


With a culture of high level of moral and ethical principles we have served our customers with highest level of integrity and have been an integral part of their growth.


All of us at Ascendia have a never-say-die attitude, we partner our customers and make their problems our own and don’t relax till we achieve the solution.


Ascendia doesn't work as vendor for its customers but as an extended Information Technology Team. With our extensive technical and business capabilities, we deliver the best value add to the customers.


Value for money is what we believe in & work for.



We at Ascendia strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners by offering efficient, effective & flexible solutions augmented with much enhanced values & user-friendly features. Our focus is always on creating more value


We are always flexible to the requirements of our customers and based upon their business needs and goals we chose the best-suited development process. We have successfully adapted various development approaches as per the situation demands and delivered value to our customers. At the same time, Agile Software Development approach is the most common approach we take and we have acquired good capabilities in delivering value. This makes the entire process transparent to all the stakeholders and at the same time measuring that development is on right track or not through Plan➜Develop➜Test➜Integrate➜View and other different metrics. We have adapted Test Driven Development (TDD) which allows us to think through requirements or design before writing functional code, Its an important agile requirements and agile design technique. We use continuous Integration that helps us in achieving constant product improvement. Through this stakeholders can have a view of the end product from the very beginning without bothering development team. This also allows timely feedback, if the development team drifting from the stated or intended behavior of the product.

At the same time we are investing heavily in creating capabilities in Next Generation Technologies and focused on helping organizations with technologies of tomorrow.

Brain Storm

Understanding the requirements, embracing new ideas, analyzing & determining the best feasible solution, referring to already existing case scenarios & determining all the possible functional and technical implications.


Based on the requirements various Proofs of Concept are developed in order to visualize the deliverable. After several modifications, the best-suited design, which would help deliver the best product that meets the needs of the stakeholders, is finalized.


Our Team is adaptive to change in requirements. By allowing the client to determine the priority of features, the team understands what's most important to the client’s business, and can deliver the features that provide the most business value.


At each iteration, we plan & test the working software before moving on to the next step. It prevents defects & reduces the risk of failure later in the project development cycle.


Throughout the entire process, we follow Auto Deployment to leverage our Test Driven Development approach. It allows us to constantly provide multiple iterations of the product to QA, Product Owners and End Users.

Principles Underlying The Approach:

  • Simplicity and Flexibility.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Welcome changing requirements, even late in development stages.
  • Working software is delivered frequently (in weeks rather than months).
  • Sustainable development, able to maintain a constant pace.
  • Constant communication between the client and the development team.
  • Emphasis on enhancing the capability of the resources.
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design.
  • Regular adaptation to changing circumstances.